After some consideration about the first blog article, I decided to write about the Tableau Community, which means a lot for me. I am very thankful to all people, which supported me, motivated me and pushed me to do things, that I thought were impossible.

In October 2017, I set a goal for myself to improve my Tableau skills. I googled for something like a school, or any training for free, where I can do some exercises regularly. It was important for me to have teachers or people with deep Tableau knowledge, whom I could ask any questions and get feedback and it was easy to find the project “MakeoverMonday”, which is run by two amazing Tableau Zen Masters; Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel.

I have started to participate regularly using my Twitter and Tableau Public Profile (which I had never done before). I had no idea what regular participation at this project meant and what opportunities it would open for me. I got feedback, I could improve my Tableau skills and I have also met many interesting people online, talented people who are eager to learn and share their knowledge, people who advertise to create something new.

Through Twitter, I discovered other exciting projects like VizforSocialGoodWorkoutWednesday etc. I discovered for myself a lot of different possibilities to improve my skills and my personality.

After some months of regular participation in different projects, I was recognised as a Tableau Public Featured Author. It meant a lot to me and it was a great feeling to know that my work and effort have been recognized.

I am also very thankful to Tableau Follow Friday. The project is run by Mike Cisneros, which gave me a very warm welcome into Tableau Community.

My personal highlight was attending TC2018 for the first time, where I met many people in person, whom I knew only through Twitter. I got a lot of inspiration and motivation. That was an honor for me to represent an amazing project: Viz for Social Good at TC18, which was awarded an Information is Beautiful award. I will never forget this experience.

To cut a long story short: Thank you to the Tableau Community for making this happen. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge and being helpful! Thank you for the support and motivation!